World of Warcraft reactivates all lapsed accounts this weekend

Blood flight.

With a surprisingly solid patch out the door this month, World of Warcraft no doubt wants to get as many eyeballs on its game to prove that it is starting to turn the Battle for Azeroth expansion cycle around. Its next major volley in this effort? A free welcome back weekend.

“New allies have entered the fight for Azeroth, and you’re needed on the frontlines,” Blizzard announced. “This weekend, we’re upgrading all inactive WoW accounts to allow you full access to the game and all of your characters without a subscription. You’ll also be able access the Battle for Azeroth trial experience, even if you do not own the expansion.”

The welcome back weekend is running from March 21st through the 24th, so that’s a good four days of free play if your subscription is in a coma right now. The WoW team is going to sit down for another dev chat this Thursday in hopes of keeping the current trend of goodwill going.

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“Hey Baby Baby, I notice you ain’t been around, baby. You got another dealer? Because if you have, I will shank his a I mean, how about I just give you a little taste for free, huh? For old times sake? What could it hurt?”

Bruno Brito

Never again.


I wish i knew this was coming when i resubbed last week. I lasted for about 4 days before uninstalling again, which would’ve been perfect timing for a free weekend… oh well.

Sarah Cushaway

Meh is it still BFA? Yeah? Then no thanks.


If I had NOTHING else going on, I might be interested. But I’m not going to walk away from the other game(s) I’m enjoying and playing regularly to get a ‘taste’ of WoW. Nah, I’ll pass.


Call me when Classic WoW is available.

Kickstarter Donor

Almost tempted to reinstall and give it a go. But given how unhappy my friends still currently playing on I think I’ll just dump that time into more PoE and AC:Od right now. Still loving the shit outta those two games.

Robert Mann

And… nope. Not only has the game been going in a different direction than I desire, the company is still on my blacklist (with more entries in recent times, so they are losing ground in any attempt at earning any of my business).

If anyone does poke around, good luck, have fun, and don’t let the world chat bite.


AHHH no. This patch has done nothing for this game. I broke down and decided to give this game a real go the for the past couple of months but I’m literally out of things to do and the same problems persist. This expansion is the worst hands down.

Kickstarter Donor

*puts on flameproof outfit*

Does MJ have a dormant WoW account she could blow the dust off of for one stream? Guaranteed hilarity will ensue.

Asking for a friend… 😁