RuneScape delays Firemaking updates and previews its Freedom camera mode


Bit of bad news, good news out of the RuneScape camp: The bad news is that the improvements to the Firemaking skill are being held back a bit. The good news is that a new camera mode is arriving next week, which should mean prettier screenshots at least.

A number of planned updates to Firemaking — including new buff-providing Incense Burners and changes to Fire Spirits — were part of the sandbox’s improvements due to come this week. Unfortunately, a further bit of tweaking saw these changes pushed back; players will get to take advantage of these hot new changes next week along with the Player vs. Monster revitalization update.

Speaking of next week, a new camera mode is also expected to land in RuneScape this coming Monday, March 25th. The Freedom camera mode will allow players significant levels of zoom in or out of the action, as demonstrated by one of the game’s mods.

sources: Twitter (1, 2)
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