Aion launches Ereshkigal’s Rage on March 27 with Veilenthrone raid


What does Ereshkigal have to be angry about in Aion? Lots of things, really. There’s nothing good on TV, there were no more muffins in the kitchen, a bunch of player characters are going to wreck his stuff because he wants to accumulate power, and she can’t find her favorite hairpin. The third one is something that you’ll be able to take part in when the patch arrives on March 27th, although conceivably you could also be behind the muffin thing.

The patch contains the new Veilenthrone 18-player alliance encounter pitting players against Ereshkigal, along with a new 1-6 player dungeon, a new arena, and the Pandora Agency objectives. There are also new class adjustments, new transformations, and the usual slew of bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements. You’ve got less than a week to wait until it’s all live in North America, although it would just be polite to practice saying “sorry you’re upset” to Ereshkigal now. It likely won’t help, but it can’t hurt.

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