Warframe staggers Operation: Buried Debts content for consoles due to bugs


An explanation provided by the folks at Warframe described bugs in Operation: Buried Debts as “fun-breaking,” which is probably the best reason to hold something back in my view. Beyond that, though, the latest update also has some pretty gnarly bugs, so things are being done a bit differently for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch players.

The latest Warframe content will now arrive to console players in two phases: Phase one has the task of closing Thermia fractures live now, while the Data-Hash scanning step is being delayed as a bug fix awaits certification. In the meantime, players are invited to map out where these scanning locations are to be ready in advance.

That scanning step is important, as it’s tied to the summoning of a boss fight that rewards parts to build the Hildryn Warframe. The devs expect a speedy turnaround for certification, but also point out that these adjustments are dependent on when fixes arrive to the PC version.

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Not sure if anyone plays WF on console is here but the data hash thing is not worth doing unless you want to hear the lore tibits. Also do pray that the PC matchmaking bug won’t be there again on console.