Star Citizen’s alpha 3.5 rolls out to all backers this weekend with playable female toons as ATV takes a break


It’s gonna be a good weekend for Star Citizen backers: The 3.5 alpha is going live for everyone this weekend. This’d be the update we’ve been covering more intensely for the last couple of weeks, including playable female toons.

“Alpha 3.5 continues to deliver on Cloud Imperium’s promise to release new content on a quarterly release schedule for Star Citizen, and adds many new and exciting features to the game, including newly playable female characters, the city-planet ArcCorp and its two moons, an entirely re-worked flight model that differs in-atmosphere gravitational physics from space flight, new CIG Character Customization Technology that creates for endless character customization options, numerous new missions, ships and weapons for players to enjoy and dozens of quality of life and performance improvements.”

This week’s Around the Verse heralds the release, but it also teases the new PvP maps and the character creator, as well as addresses changes to the program itself, specifically why the episodes at the beginnings of quarters are lighter in content – and how the studio’s solution is to just stop producing ATV for the first three weeks after a big update like this.

Source: Letter, ATV. Thanks, DK!
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