Crypic devs totally spoil Neverwinter’s newest endgame dungeon


Neverwinter’s newest expansion isn’t even out, but Cryptic is totally fine spoiling the ending of the campaign for you. You know, if you’re the type who doesn’t mind having all of the surprises ruined in advance.

As part of the ramp-up to Neverwinter: Undermountain’s April 23rd release, the studio posted a developer diary that covers the level 80 Lair of the Mad Mage. As we are not as big into spoiling things for you outright, we’ll simply note that the post is there and contains many words about said instance if you need your excitement to be whetted.

Here, we don’t think this is too spoily: “The Lair of the Mad Mage is the epilogue to the Undermountain campaign and will see you venturing into Halaster’s domain to face his two apprentices, Arcturia and Trobriand. Halaster’s lair is much like his mind: jumbled, insane, and full of wonder and grandeur!”

Source: Neverwinter

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You spelled ‘Cryptic’ wrong in the title.

David Goodman

I think i’ll play it when it releases to get to max level, but the issue I found is that, when you hit the level cap, The Grind begins and you have to sludge through the time-gated ‘adventure’ content to unlock the passives.

I don’t expect this to be any different unfortunately but I will allow some room for me to be surprised. I’ve got two 30-day VIP tokens from various reward claims after all.


It took me two years to get a single character from 60 to 70 (I have 4) after mod6 because new grind was as “fun” as a visit to dentist. Now they’ve added +10 levels. Yeah, no.