Neverwinter announces an April 23 release date for Undermountain on PC


Week by week, Neverwinter has been kicking out dev blogs touching on the various things players can expect in the Undermountain expansion, so a video summarizing all of the features was kind of expected. However, this video offered a little more than just the Cliff’s Notes version of several posts; it also offered a release date for Undermountain on PC: Tuesday, April 23rd.

Lead Designer Thomas Foss, Systems Lead Jared Sears, and Systems Designer Chantelle Tatum take us through a pretty complete overview of what Undermountain brings to Neverwinter. They touch on the five zones that make up the Undermountain content, briefly cover the updates to the game’s classes, and provide a look at some of the new rewards and dungeon locales that make up Undermountain and its high-level Lair of the Mad Mage encounter. They even take a moment to acknowledge some new voiceover work from Ruty Rutenberg and Satine Phoenix from the D&D tabletop liveplay show Maze Arcana.

While Undermountain is due to launch to PC players on the 23rd, the content’s preview servers are online right now. In the meantime, you can check out the video below.

source: YouTube

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Oleg Chebeneev

Anyone playing Neverwinter? In what shape it currently is?


I play it on and off, but mainly for the story. From what i hear the endgame is still a grindy shitshow.

Anton Mochalin

Hit level cap a week ago. There’s a ton of content including for level 70 and quite a lot of people playing but… it’s good when you play for several hours a week but if you play more all that content feels just the same. And the main currency for post level cap progression – astral diamonds – is earned most efficiently by doing random queues which place you in boring low-level dungeons 50% of the time. So it’s enjoyable when you don’t have much ambition in it, perfect for casual play I’d say.