Dungeons and Dragons’ Masterminds of Sharn is up for pre-order, targeting April 30 release


The newest — and most vertical — Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion is just a month away, as Standing Stone Games announced this week that it is targeting April 30th for the release of Masterminds of Sharn.

That means that pre-order packages are now on the market, and as with all Daybreak-related enterprises, these range from “affordable” to “stupid expensive.” The basic $40 pack gets you the expansion and the Tiefling race, but you’re going to have to go up to the $80 tier for the Inquisitive enhancement tree or $130 for the iconic Scoundrel hero.

The classic Eberron setting of Sharn is the crown jewel of the expansion, but there’s plenty of other highlights to anticipate. These include playable Tieflings, artifact treasures, and special guest dungeon masters campaign creator Keith Baker and Maze Arcana’s Ruty Rutenberg and Kyle Vogt.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!
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Yay, one month to tieflings! Already stocking up on horn polish and tail warmers :)


My mistake, tieflings are already here!
It’s just Sharn we have to wait for.


If DDO preorders were similar to Lotros I’m sad I missed older preorders. Lotros old preorder packages made it much easier to get into the game, one included an Eriador package unlocking the bulk of pre-50 quest content, another contained a big amount of lotro coins, allowing you to unlock even more of the game. That changed after they became SSG, the preorders have been much less enticing since. The extras are either cosmetic or pretty much superfluous. I dig MMO cosmetics but not at that price point.

After giving this game a new try recently I started to appreciate the depth it has to offer and the dungeon-design is perfect for solo sessions were you don’t have much time available(at least as far as I am in the game atm). It’s also a rather faithful DnD product, old-school not just in the system it uses(3.5) but in general gameplay and design. Look at DDO’s skill/talent system and compare it to modern alternatives. I miss those days. Modern MMORPG’s are hardly RPG’s anymore.


More D&D stuff ! YAY!