PAX East 2019: Bless Unleashed’s overview trailer actually looks good

Slightly less leashing than expected.

Bless Unleashed has been rolling out class videos over the last couple of months, but now, Bandai Namco is dropping a more generalist trailer ahead of its showing at this weekend’s PAX East. If I can be honest, the game looks really good. If you had never heard of Bless Online and never paid any attention to the Neowiz rollout last year, you can easily see how this kind of game coming to Xbox One could be super appealing. It’s pretty. It’s actiony.

As we’ve previously written, Bandai Namco, not Neowiz, is running the Unleashed show, and the game is not a direct port – it’s been “built from the ground up in Unreal 4 with a focus on consoles” with a whole new story and combat design. It’s still slated to launch sometime this year. Here’s the trailer:

Source: Press release
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