KurtzPel starts Americas early access this month, will be free-to-play


Fans of the upcoming anime MMO KurtzPel had to swallow a bitter spoonful of bad news last week as Kog recently announced that the game would see a delay in the start of its early access. Well follow that nasty taste up with some honey, because this launch isn’t as far away as we were led to believe.

In fact, early access for both North and South America is scheduled to begin on April 30th, with servers on the east and west NA coast as well as one in Brazil. The rest of the globe will have to wait a while longer: Europe is getting the game in early June followed by Asia in early July.

Founders packs are in the works right now, and Kog confirmed that KurtzPel’s core content will be free-to-play.

The studio said that this rollout is being done for a good reason: “As you all know well, KurtzPel is a fast-paced, online multiplayer game with a strong emphasis on PvP. That being said, a stable, strong connection between players is very important, and in order to provide Chasers the best service possible, we have to prioritize each region separately, and in order to do that, we have to open access region by region.”

Source: KurtzPel, Steam
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Loved the gameplay. PVP some tweaks here and there, and PVE needs to be improved too. Game has a lot of potential, hopefully it’ll be one that builds in and reaches that potential… Looking forward to playing.


Well Imperator: Rome comes out on the 25 so I’ll be missing this launch.


The only good thing about this game is the character creation, everything else felt utterly horrible. I’m no longer excited about it.