More news from the Undermountain: Neverwinter Ranger and Wizard changes on preview server now


If it wasn’t apparent by now, just about every Neverwinter class is getting some kind of overhaul. Although PerfectWorld hasn’t decided to change Rangers into gunslingers or Wizards into lumberjacks, the Undermountain update will make some significant changes to those two classes. Rangers receive changes to better differentiate the paragon paths, and Wizards have dropped “control” from its name and changed up its paragon paths, too.

The Ranger’s paragon paths have really set themselves apart from each other, according to the latest developer blog. The Hunter path will retain the familiar ranger feel of bow hunting. It still has the great ranged attacks as well as a solid melee focus, but now, Hunters can select feats that will allow them to become a strong sniper-like class. Wardens, as the name suggests, are nature wielders. Wardens carry many support and buff-like abilities, but they also have the ability to focus on becoming a melee powerhouse.

The Arcane path for the Wizard really retains the “control” part of the Wizard class. Electrical storms and other abilities are designed to not just damage opponents but also to keep “enemies on their toes or flat on their backs,” according to the Wizard blog post. Thaumaturges besides being difficult to pronounce are a really a song of ice and fire. They wield abilities to both chill and smolder enemies. And the developers are most excited to announce that Thaumaturges will cast the iconic spell of Fireball as their final encounter power, which can set whole groups of enemies on fire.

Neverwinter: Undermountain is live right now on the public preview server, so you can try out the changes for yourself or just wait for April 23rd when it officially launches on PC.

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