Dark Age of Camelot tests Patch 1.125D, plans on reclaiming abandoned names


There is nothing quite as uniquely exciting as when an old favorite MMORPG gets a meaty patch today. This is indeed what is happening with Dark Age of Camelot, which has commenced testing Patch 1.125D on the Pendragon server.

There’s no running theme with this update but rather a wide assortment of various fixes and adjustments. Taunts and detaunts have been normalized across classes, newly created characters can now progress past Champion level 5, many quest triggers have been fixed, the UI now correctly displays all group buffs, and accuracy buffs from certain items have been adjusted.

And if you’re already on the site reading the patch notes, you might as well swing over to the Friday Grab Bag for Q&A concerning crowd control, recovering names from abandoned characters, and Necromancer realm abilities.

“We do have a plan for clearing up some of the names on Ywain and the process will involve a long lead-time in notifying players which characters are going to be affected and how,” Broadsword said. “There‚Äôs nothing more to say right now and the timetable for this is still to be determined.”

Source: Patch notes