MMO Business Roundup: Apex Legends’ Twitch decline, PUBG’s funding, and crappy gaming myths

This is neither fine nor not fine.

Welcome back to another roundup of smaller business stories affecting the MMO industry and orbiting genres.

It’s not just your imagination: Apex Legends hasn’t been getting quite the same word of mouth it was treated to just a few short months ago. As StreamElements (via Gamasutra) notes, the top streamers aren’t streaming it anymore. Fame is fleeting, y’all.

“After launching in late February, the game set the record for viewership hours of a single game on Twitch. In the second week after it was first released, it peaked at 40 million hours watched. The game was still a major player by March but its peak viewership dropped by 75% to 10 million hours watched a week. 10 top streamers were playing the game in February but this dropped to just two in March, which was a big reason for that decline.”

Meanwhile, we got a peek at PUBG Corp.’s financials and a glimpse of how well PUBG made out in 2018. Not too shabbily, as it turns out; Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad notes it made almost a billion bucks in revenue last year, a third of that in pure profit, with more than half from Asia, but the vast majority from PC, not mobile. As Gamasutra points out, that’s because Tencent controls the bulk of the mobile version.

By the way, Google translating PUBG into “Unconventional Battleground” is amazing.

Finally, MOP reader Miol pointed us to an article on The Guardian from earlier this month that smashes five myths about video games, including that they cause us to be more violent (studies haven’t found this at all), that video games themselves are addictive (not really), that they’re a waste of time (nope), that games are purely entertainment (vast potential to be so much more), and that gaming leads to “social isolation” (I mean, seriously?). The Guardian even refers to the well-publicized story about a young man with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who led a hopping social life inside of World of Warcraft before his tragic death. The sooner these bullshit myths are well and truly pulverized, the better.


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They update the game at a snail’s pace.


Apex Legends declining? Not surprising, the battlepass was AWFUL. The skins were absolute shit. Look at the skins that Overwatch has, it’s 10x better than Apex Legends’ skins.

I wonder if Activision’s carrot and stick approach is any different from EA’s, “You can have the resources if you prove that your revenue model is good”.

Dankey Kang

Wow 75% less viewership. I bet EA aren’t happy lmao

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, $65M just for the IP for the year and little more? That’s solid, and it makes me wonder just how much Tencent makes from the mobile version.

Also, apparently Twitch viewer numbers are now functionally Nielsen ratings. This amuses me.

Fervor Bliss

So you have to watch your Twitch stats that closely? When you have to scroll down the games to your game below ASMR ok that hurts. Just surprised I guess.