Surprise! TERA just dropped the Elin Brawler on console in its Suckerpunch update


Raise your hand if you saw this one coming: Just a few weeks after the Elin Gunner rolled out to TERA: Reloaded on console, now the Elin Brawler is smashing her way to consoles as part of what En Masse is calling the “surprise” Suckerpunch update.

“En Masse Entertainment has announced that the latest update for TERA on PlayStation 4 and XBox One will bring a number of new features into the game. Today’s Suckerpunch update is anchored by one tough cookie: the Elin Brawler! She may be cute and those ears may express all sorts of emotions, but don’t let that fool you! The elin brawler brings a world of hurt to enemies courtesy of her flying powerfists and in-your-face attacks. Like all great punchers, she bobs and weaves with catlike grace to confuse her enemies before sending them skyward with a furious uppercut.”

There’s more to the update as well: new hard-modes for two dungeons, better mana regen under level 65, and interface tweaks to boot.

Source: Press release
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Jack Pipsam

They really seem to be closing the gaps between console updates, hopefully it means it’s all going well for them.
I wonder if they’ll try to push the console version of Tera in Japan, it could do really well there.