MapleStory 2 sums up Project New Leaf and promises a summer expansion

Leaf it up.

The entire overarching Project New Leaf update involved a whole lot of changes for MapleStory 2, changes aimed at almost every aspect of the game. Nexon America CEO Jungsoo Lee summarizes the changes in a new letter to the community for those who may have missed some of them; they include a change of Daily Missions into a weekly Prestige system, a reduction of World Boss HP by a significant portion, lots of cheaper meso costs, and reduced inventory clutter.

Players will also face stiffer penalties for illegally buying mesos, so that’s a positive change for people not engaging in bad behavior.

Obviously, Nexon hopes that this will help encourage more players to stick with the game… but there’s also more on the way for the game, including another large expansion planned for the summer. The letter doesn’t go into details, just promising that the details will be shared with player soon. Hopefully the combination of improved play experience and more incoming content will delight fans until those details are actually announced.

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I really think that, with all the positive changes they’ve made, and if they aren’t winning so many players back on PC, they really ought to port this to console. It already plays best with a controller and has built-in support. If they got it working on Switch, I think it’d be a huge hit there, but it’d do well on PS4. Not sure about Xbox though since they seem to be grabbing as many exclusive/timed-exclusive mmos as they can so there is more competition there.

Helder Frozenheart

Too little too late. There still some issues, but the biggest one for me is the population got too low on my region. I’ve logged today to check the game again after some months and there was almost no one to kill a map boss for quest (the stupid fairfight still works for open world bosses), and it was on “prime time” here. World chat was very very quiet too. It’s a shame because the game itself isn’t that bad, the vip/premium is cheap and there is not much p2w (yet). At least I had more fun playing this than that travesty called Battle for Azeroth.


The game is close to shutting down, they are just keeping it a secret.