Vindictus releases the gun witch Eira and launches the Golden Time event


Vindictus is about to get a lot more shooty and portal magic-y. Eira the Void Witch, the pistol-toting temporal magic user that was first revealed in March went live yesterday in the action combat MMO, along with the return of the spring Golden Time event.

The 14th Vindictus hero melds stylish gun-fun akimbo pistol badassery with portal magic to multiply her shots or dart around danger. She’s also another character in a long line of classes that manage to meld firearms with witchcraft, much like Blade & Soul’s Gunslinger or WildStar’s Spellslinger. Just with more portals.

Yesterday also marked the start of Golden Time in Vindictus, which rewards players with a bunch of goodies for every weekend they log in between now and Tuesday, June 4th. Players can also take advantage of some doubled AP and XP gains during the first two weeks of Golden Time and an additional Departure Count during the final two weeks.

All of the timing and details for Golden Time are here, while a new trailer showcasing Eira’s form of magic is below.


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And I lost interest and uninstalled last night after playing around with her a bit and fudging up the registration rewards I got for her because the Inner Armor coupon I was supposed to get on her poofed and the Hair style coupon(s) I got for her ate the general one first instead of the one for a specific hairstyle I thought I was using the latter coupon for. Also was getting tired of idling my character for the sake of meeting the “play for 1000 minutes” weekly quest and then the “play for 10k minutes” monthly one which rewarded RNG boxes that reward whatever.

At this point I’d rather just play Black Desert as it’s close enough to what Vindictus offers in a basic sense (explosive/flashy action combat, awakened skills, progression that just adds numbers to your gear, etc.) but it also has the open world craziness + the graphics are more up-to-date.

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