Elder Scrolls Blades releases fresh early access trailer and patch


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is having a bit of a rough release, what with the endless string of criticism over its business model and all. This week, Bethsoft dropped the gates of beta and pushed into early access, meaning everyone is now entitled to play – you don’t even need a Bethesda.net account anymore.

Alongside this release comes a new early access trailer and the latest patch, which tweaked navigation controls, balanced enchantments, adjusted quest experience, added new jobs (“collecting Lumber, Limestone, Marble, Fabric, Seeds, Dye, and Crystals”), and fixed a slew of bugs.

Redditors are still reporting plenty of bugs remaining, however, and there are multiple threads grumbling about the microtransaction chests and timegating on some content. The ratio on the YouTube video isn’t great either.

Source: Press release, patch notes, Reddit
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