EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for April 2019

Money talks, but what it says isn't engaging sometimes.

It is possible that you are not the target audience for theΒ EVE Online monthly economic report. If you aren’t looking forward to frowning with intense focus as you look at the overall curve for production vs. destruction, noting that destruction and production are both on a downward slope but the latter is sloping more aggressively, and prioritizing your mercantile offerings accordingly… well, yeah, this might not be your thing. We understand.

Those who are immediately rushing to see what it means to see production continuing to slope downward, on the other hand, will be well-served by the latest set of data. As always, it tracks the regions with the largest economic impact by region, destruction totals in regions, as well as detailed breakdowns of mining and other economic activities as they have spread throughout the game. Go forth, economists specializing in internet spaceships! Your data has arrived for analysis.