RuneScape’s Desperate Times quest kicks off a new series of epic quests


No rest for the wicked or the divine, depending on how you roleplay your RuneScape character, assuming you do at all: This week, Desperate Times are coming to the world of Gielinor to kick off another line of epic quests, and this time it sounds like players are about to face some pretty dire odds:

“Seren has a plan to deal with the Elder God threat – but don’t expect things to go smoothly. The races of Gielinor are far from united and a certain somebody has thrown a wrench in the works. Or is that a Needle?”

Taking on this new quest will need players to have met a few requirements; namely, they need to be subscribers, have level 50 in Mining, Smithing, and Divination, and have completed The Needle Skips and You Are It. This latest update has also made some changes that are outlined in the patch notes.

The dev blog that announced this new epic quest series also offered some word on some of Jagex’s philanthropic pursuits. Of note is an AMA on Thursday, May 16th, with the founder of You Are RAD as part of outreach for Mental Health Awareness Week, while one of the RuneScape mods is planning to walk the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall — a distance of 84 miles — to raise money for Jagex’s partner charities based in the UK. Several mods also took on the Rat Race Dirty Weekend to raise money for those same charities. You can donate to both efforts here.

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