The Dalaran Heist solo adventure lets Hearthstone players be E.V.I.L.


It’s good to be bad, or in the case of Hearthstone’s lore, it’s great to be E.V.I.L. Players of the online CCG can now take part in the rest of The Dalaran Heist’s chapters, the self-described largest solo adventure the game has ever seen and the cherry on top of the Rise of Shadows expansion sundae.

In The Dalaran Heist, players will get to take on the remaining four chapters’ worth of content, assuming the role of nine different League of E.V.I.L. henchmen. Each chapter has unique bosses as well as unique board rules. Players will be able to change their henchman’s loadout with some selectable Hero Powers and decks, though they will have to be unlocked by completing various miniquests. Speaking of Hero Powers, these abilities are being tuned to provide a new way to play the game as opposed to being a defining feature of your character.

The Dalaran Heist also adds some new deckbuilding features in the form of non-combat encounters. Playing through the solo adventure will afford opportunities to visit tavens in Dalaran, granting players special cards that let you manipulate your deck and that of your opponents. Finally, completing the chapters will unlock Anomaly Mode, which introduces a random ruleset to a chapter.

If you somehow missed out on how all of this works, there’s a video for that and it’s embedded below.

source: YouTube
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This might get me to play Hearthstone again. I love Slay the Spire, and having a mode that is kinda like that could be a ton of fun.

Coldrun ??

It looks like a major upgrade over the Rumble Run. I’m excited to try it out!