Final Fantasy XI celebrates 17 years of operation today with a new all-in-one installer

Hey, it's okay.

Gosh, Final Fantasy XI is still running after 17 years. Yes, today marks the 17-year anniversary for the title from its launch in Japan, and the celebration is underway starting with… a new client installer. This may not seem particularly celebratory until you realize that it’s the installer players have asked for for years, one containing all of the game’s updates and thus requiring no additional downloading once the game is installed. You can just… start playing.

A letter from producer Akihiko Matsui explains that this is part of the team’s focus for the new year of operation, making the game more accessible for players who are starting their journeys in Vana’diel for the first time. That includes updates like the new installer, the existing ReFriender campaign to bring in long-lapsed players, and increased focus on accessibility for new players in the future. Still, just being able to download and install the game in a straightforward fashion is worth a heck of a lot.

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Eh, kids are gonna have it easy. Everyone should experience the joys of PlayOnline downloading and patching individual files as background music plays.


Also they need to fix their payment system. From what I remember it was very archaic and frustrating. The new final fantasy MMO is not that much better.

Jeremy Barnes

huh? FFXIV you enter credit card info and’s not complicated. Certainly no where close to the whole “Playonline” of FFXI


Paypal also works for those in nations where credit-cards are rarely used.