WildStar’s Nexus Forever emulator shares a slice of progress

aw hell

Could a WildStar emulator be closer to reality than we previously thought? Back in May, we reported that a community project known as “Nexus Forever” had been taking the various parts of the now-defunct sci-fi MMORPG and working on putting them back together.

A Twitter user named Kirmmin claims that he or she has been working on this project for a while and posted a short Medic combat skill video as proof of the progress being made. “For those unaware, I have been a contributor to the Nexus Forever WildStar emulator project for the past six months,” Kirmmin wrote. “In that time, it’s transformed from a static, empty world to one that’s a little more familiar. I wanted to share this casting demo to show some of our progress.”

Check it out for yourself after the break and let us know — if a WildStar rogue server does get up and running, will you be returning to Nexus?

Source: Twitter
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