Crowfall details the item rewards coming with its next major patch


One of the major goals for Crowfall is to have a shallow power curve, but one of the things that you want as a player is to have a basic gameplay loop of killing stuff to get better things that allow you to kill stronger stuff. It’s a double-edged sword, in other words. The latest development diary details one of the ways that the developers are addressing that with items in the game’s next patch, allowing you to randomly get items that have some nifty effects even if crafted items will always outclass them.

Individual items can have a name, a prefix, and a suffix, meaning that you have a wide variety of different potential effects on a given item; however, as mentioned, you can get better benefits by having a superior item just crafted for you. So this helps new players catch up faster while also keeping the power curve more shallow across the gear options. It’s an interesting approach, at the very least, and if you really want to wear someone’s precise boots of smashing, it’s exactly the system you’ll want.


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Had a lot of fun this campaign. Earned my blue glowy mug on Test!


I don’t like the headline. You made it sound as if you were getting some reward by getting in on the next patch, thus implying a purchase perk. There is no reward.

They are adding random effects to some low tier gear items for monsters to drop.

This will be useful when a new campaign begins because you wont need to find a crafter right away to finish out your gear sets. (Remember in this game you have a limit to what you can bring into each campaign world and a limit to how much you can take out again in the end.)

Later on once the campaign is more established this gear will likely become either hand me downs, high risk operations or just sell for cash.