Lord of the Rings Online’s progression server treks into Siege of Mirkwood


A mere week after players on Lord of the Rings Online’s live servers left Mirkwood to gaze upon the Vales of Anduin, another community is entering the dreaded forest at last.

With Wednesday’s Update 24.1, Standing Stone Games has unlocked LOTRO’s second expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, on the two progression servers. The unlock only covers the classic expansion content, meaning that legendary players are getting a single zone, 150 additional quests, and an increase to level 65. As it is one of the game’s smaller expansions, it’s unclear whether or not SSG will wait as long before letting the progression crowd steam forth.

Update 24.1’s notes also include modernizing older gear, an increase of the difficulty level for enemies in the level 61 through 84 range, and this tantalizing entry: “Special time-gated legendary challenger titles are available on the legendary worlds for In Their Absence and Dol Guldur. This title will be available until the next level cap increase on the legendary worlds.”

Mirkwood is, in this author’s humble opinion, a dark horse of a zone and better than some may remember.

Source: Patch notes
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Excellent. I guess I timed my trek through Moria appropriately. Mirkwood really is an excellent zone. The expansion also introduced skirmishes for the first time, which I think was one of the game’s better systems. I like how they’ve been integrated into the main storyline also.