Star Citizen’s monthly report promises new missions, improved AI, and caves


The month of May has seen lots of development done in Star Citizen according to the game’s monthly report. Now having typed that sentence, I will be extremely disappointed in the comments section if someone doesn’t respond with something about how no work has actually led to a released game. Don’t let me down, people.

Seeing as the current alpha of the game is in 3.5.1, the vast majority of May’s monthly report seems to be looking forward to releasing things for Alpha 3.6 as well as other features a bit down the line. One blurb in the Gameplay Features section of the write-up lists several quality of life features heading for the next alpha build, including improvements to the character customizer, hailing ships, shop inventory, and kiosk UI. There is also work being done to bring grouping to Arena Commander and Star Marine, which is expected after 3.6.

Other items of particular note:

  • Procedural generation of space stations and caves is moving along well, though space station generation is admittedly taking a long time. The report does state that “the results look promising.”
  • AI is seeing a number of new tricks, including new dogfighting parameter choices and the ability to have AI pilots fly in formation among other things.
  • The Economy team is looking at how ships are valued in-game, with price scaling based on performance of items instead of simply having prices raise exponentially in the interest of looking at pricing “holistically.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  • Security AI will very soon begin to scan players for contraband, which means you’re not going to be able to walk around landing zones with a pocket full of drugs. Fret not, though; there will be a salvage yard location where players can sell any black market goods they want.
  • Speaking of missions, a major mission for Crusader’s landing zone, an FPS combat mission aboard an Origin 890 Jump, and the rebuilding of the comm array and criminal database screens to include use of a “hacking chip” item are in the works.

Of course, there’s lots more, so be sure to have a look at the full report if you’ve not done so already.

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