World of Warcraft shows off the new mounts and pets of Rise of Azshara

Going nowhere, going nowhere.

Yes, we still do not have an actual date forĀ World of Warcraft’s next major content update, so if you’re waiting for Rise of Azshara you’re just going to have to keep waiting. But if you haven’t been waiting for it and need some new shiny things to draw you in, perhaps you’ll be interested in the latest official post running down all of the collection items players can pick up along the way. Pets, mounts, and cosmetic outfits, those are the things players really want.

And yes, all three are on display, sorted by source but without prices or unlock requirements listed, so you may know that one of the new mounts is dropped by a rare creature but not which creature or how you can spawn said creature. Still, it’s a nice big cluster of new mounts, new pets, and new cosmetic options for expressing yourself. What more could you want? Aside from a patch date.

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