Ship of Heroes says it plans ‘to top the City of Heroes character creator’


This week, Heroic Games’ Casey McGeever hit the Ship of Heroes forums to discuss some of the content already in the game – and some that’s still on the way. The update came in response to a player who’d effectively asked about accessibility of both the technical and gameplay variety.

“We have done, and will continue to do, everything we can to enable people to play, even if they have older or graphically weaker computers. You may not be playing on Ultra settings (we can only do so much from our end), but we’ve done a lot in this regard,” McGeever says. “You can solo most content, and do not need to team in order to advance. In fact, there are a lot of features designed to make solo play fun.” And what about casuals? That’s doable too, and sidekicking is still on the way: “You should be able to play at your own pace. Since we are committed to positive community, you should be welcomed on any team, even if you are new or inexperienced.”

The quote that stood out to me, however, is the bold statement about the character creator in comparison to City of Heroes.

“We plan to top the COH character creator. We will see if that is possible, but we feel good about it, right now.”

It’s a high bar indeed, but one we’d love to see cleared over and over by more games. Heroic sent along a few new screenshots too; you can check those out below.

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