Dauntless recaps E3 with roadmap update, mobile teaser, and new Switch trailer


Dauntless has a flurry of news to cap off what was a big week, given that it announced a Switch port and ding-up to 10 million players during E3.

First up, Phoenix Labs has updated its roadmap with some brief previews of what it’s working on; among the highlights are “four full months of Twitch Prime rewards,” new cosmetic slots, leaderboards, new fauna, High Skies and a new hunt pass, an improved UI, aesthetic updates for Behemoths, and… mobile. “Dauntless will be coming to mobile devices some time after our launches on console and the Epic Games store,” the website says. “Launch window: TBD”

The studio also says it believes it’s finally fixed the Ramsgate zone-in crash in yesterday’s patch.

Finally, the game’s has released another new trailer, this one specifically for the Switch. I’m remembering back to when this game was first announced and people were worried it was going to be utterly crushed by Monster Hunter. How’d that work out?

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mike foster

I really love Dauntless but it runs really poorly on both of my PCs. Seems like more optimization would be good for the long haul.


Technically the game is still in beta (the current build is 0.8), so there’s still a lot of improvements that need to be made. Hit boxes are wonky, the difficulty ramp up is way out of wack, and gear progression still needs to be smoothed out, so your technical problems aren’t too surprising unfortunately.