Gloria Victis recaps siege weaponry, PvP ranking, events, and guild heraldry


Gloria Victis has been pumping out new content like mad the last few months. As we noted in our check-in last week, Black Eye Games’ content pushes have been chiefly focused on adding siege equipment, flaming projectiles, enhanced castle-based PvP, the new PvP ranking system, and world events.

“We added two brand new world events, each placed in a unique and breathtaking location and with a chance for PVP combat, as they’re taking place in the open world. One of them, the Fall of the Exile, throws players into an epic large-scale invasion on a castle controlled by the ex-army officer who has since turned an outlaw. This event makes extensive use of siege engines, summing up the recent additions to that matter. We also expanded the existing Sea Wraiths event, in which a group of players hunt down the mysterious band of pirate slavers in their hideout. The next stage was added to the event, bringing in new NPC enemies to defeat and new precious loot to earn in a tropical location.”

Today, the studio has released a dev vlog recapping the new content, including the latest, guild heraldry – it looks from the video as if it’s displayable on shields, banners, and tunics too. Do note the studio is promising personal heraldry in future patches.

Source: Press release

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Looks decent – anyone played it already? Is it worth the time?


I’ve played it. It’s pretty fun, though it seems like you will need to join a guild to get the most out of it. A lot of team coordination seems to happen out of game. Combat is good, and has been improving over time.

I picked it up way back for $10 and I’ve gotten my money’s worth, though I think it’s a little more now.

I will say they seem to be one of the few studios doing Early Access right. Usually one patch a week with bug fixes, tweaks, or new features.