Star Citizen’s new Pillar Talk series stars key devs discussing the 3.6 alpha


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: Cloud Imperium has brought back Pillar Talk as a real thing for the Star Citizen community, and it’s not just a joke title this time. MMO players will recall that after alpha 3.5 launched, CIG retired its long-running Around the Verse program in favor of shorter weekly Inside Star Citizen episodes.

“That show we kind of defined as like the what,” CIG’s Eric Kieron Davis explains. “Where this is going to be where we talk about the why.” Joining him for this quarterly Pillar Talk are the decision-makers behind the core pillars of the game – in this episode, that’s Game Director Chris Roberts, PU Director Tony Zurovec, and Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe, plus Davis, who’s being billed as the Chief People Officer.

The quad discuss plans for 3.6 specifically, covering the law system, upcoming ships (including the Banu Defender), FOIP and VOIP improvements, flight improvements, shield systems, vehicle loadouts, and server-side tech. It’s actually an interesting discussion once it gets rolling and they all get comfy talking, so don’t judge it by the beginning.

Source: YouTube
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