World of Warcraft is removing an exploit used to powerlevel characters in Island Expeditions

Who could have seen this coming.

What’s the fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft right now? Have some friends willing to game the system. Essentially, there’s a well-known issue wherein players can turn off their experience gains at level 110 or 111, gaining all of the benefit from high-end gear from Legion; get a couple players with legendary items to turn off experience gains then, and players can easily carry someone to victory within five minutes per match. It’s a quick and dirty way to level up without having to work very hard on it, so Blizzard is killing it with a new debuff that dramatically reduces experience gains for anyone in a party with someone not gaining experience.

This is not entirely surprising; back in December of last year, the studio claimed that it would be addressing this practice so that people couldn’t use the experience toggle (designed to keep people at a certain level for battleground brackets) to powerlevel others. Whether or not this qualifies as a positive change or a removal of a viable technique will depend on each individual player, of course, but it does appear to be a stealth change not otherwise announced for patch 8.2.

Source: Twitter, Official site via
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