Final Fantasy XIV brings a culinary adventure to UK fans with Shoryu cross-promotion


If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV in the UK, odds are that you can’t just fly out to Japan to visit the Eorzea Cafe. That’s understandable. But now you can get a taste of eating in a venue devoted to the MMO with a new partnership between the game and restaurant Shoryu, which is offering a special themed menu for players between July 1st and July 21st. Stop in and have yourself a three-course meal with themed dishes like Ultros Takoyaki, Meteor Survivor Ramen, and Paladin Mochi.

But why stop there? You’ll also get two in-game items and a real-world coaster as a bonus for dining at Shoryu, and players can tweet their meals with a hashtag for a chance at winning an FFXIV-branded PS4 along with a new television. So you get a thematic meal and a chance at getting even more; that should drive some business to the restaurant, although those of us not living in Japan or the UK now have a new reason to stare and long for the decadent flavors of Chocobo Gysahl Cheesecake.

Source: Shoryu site
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Danny Smith

I’m usually a Wagamama or local actual japanese cafe weebs tend to avoid but i’ll probably pop into one of these and check it out.

Dankey Kang

Wish they had more restaurants in the UK. London is too much of a journey just to get a few in-game items.