Trove’s gardening-centric Going Green update arrives to consoles


The task of creating a garden isn’t really the first sort of activity that one thinks of doing when it comes to MMO gaming, let alone one that’s worthy of an entire update’s worth of focus. Sure enough, the Going Green update of Trove has brought precisely that to the console version, with refinements and new features for those who like to make things grow. At least in a digital sense.

Going Green promises new items and features for gardeners of Trove to cultivate, including a new Gardening rank of Horticulturalist to earn, new Vegetables and Alchemy Plants to grow, and new Habitats to explore with new allies to find. Speaking of new allies, the Dragon Crucible now has a new dragon to craft: Khramet, Warden of the Fields, which can be crafted from a specific type of Dragon Egg fragment found from Bubble Pod pinatas.

We can appreciate there are perhaps a lot of oddly-named items in that last paragraph, so be sure to look over the patch notes for some context. Or better yet, check out a video from our friend Scyushi about the update below.

sources: press release, official forums

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