Nexon’s special day reveals MapleStory, TalesWeaver, and Baram mobile games


Last week, Nexon held the second of its 2019 Media Days to make a series of announcement about new and upcoming games. Of particular interest to MMO fans was the revelation of a trio of mobile spin-offs and ports as well as the news that anime action game KurtzPel is launching in South Korea next year.

So what mobile games are we talking about? First up is MapleStory Odyssey, a “rebooted” version of MapleStory Blitz that pits players against each other as they fling cards out in the hopes of winning a head-to-head competition.

Baram, an MMORPG that’s been running since 1996, is getting a mobile port called The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon with some nice visual improvements. And TalesWeaver, a Korean-only MMO from 2003, is finally coming to western shores with the spin-off TalesWeaver M. Closed beta for both of those games will start relatively soon.

Source: MMO Culture

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Robert Mann

Ah, was hoping something here wasn’t all mobile games. Nevermind. *Lets himself out of this article page.*

Kickstarter Donor

Looking at that header image, because it’s top of mind due to EVERYONE FUCKING TALKING ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA CONSTANTLY…shut the fuck up and pilot the god-damned robot, Shinji.


Looking at this comment looking at the header image also brought it back to the top of my mind as well. And this, because I’d seen it on media

Your dad loves you Shinji, get in the robot.

Bruno Brito

Nexon’s special day reveals MapleStory, TalesWeaver, and Baram mobile games

Must be one of the shareholders birthday.