Final Fantasy XI’s next version update is rolling back White Mage changes while updating Ninja


It turns out that a lot of people were unhappy with the changes made to White Mages in the most recent Final Fantasy XI update, and so the developers are planning to roll back the changes made to Esuna and Sacrifice. The changes made to protective spells will remain, however, and the major focus for changes this time around will be the Ninja job, which is having some of its Merit Point ninjutsu moved into scrolls similarly to other casters.

Players can also look forward to a new fight against a hydra in Ambuscade and a new high-tier battlefield against the enigmatic Cait Sith to provide some new content for players (useful if, say, you don’t play White Mage or Ninja and thus aren’t personally affected). Add in a new round of monthly objectives for players to tackle, and you should have plenty of stuff to do when the version update lands on July 8th.

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Shadex De'Marr

Now we just have to hope the XIV devs learn the same lesson for astros and scholars.

Jeremy Barnes

No. Astro may need some small adjustments, but but Scholar is fine. People just don’t like having to actually heal.

Axetwin .

Scholars aren’t not supposed to be the brute force healers like White Mage. They have relatively weak heals with their shields being where their strength lies. And oh look, their shielding ability got nerfed to hell in Shadowbringers. Not to mention the changes to how pets worked also screwed them over. So no, Scholar is not “mostly fine”. Of the 3 healing classes, they were hurt the most with changes.