Survival MMO Citadel: Forged With Fire announces formal PC, Xbox, and PS4 launch for October 11


Two years ago, Blue Isle Studios dropped its new game on Steam early access: Citadel Forged With Fire, a “massive online sandbox RPG” with all the survival MMO sandbox trappings. Early access was originally expected to last only a year, but as that year came and went, the game admittedly started falling off the radar, and I don’t just mean ours; barring a blip last August when the Reignited patch dropped, average concurrency has been under 100 players most months.

In any case, maybe an official launch – and console ports – will help boost the game’s popularity, and that’s just what Blue Isle is up to today.

“The magical world of Citadel: Forged With Fire is preparing to take flight on October 11 for Steam, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, for both retail and digital platforms. Set in the enchanted world of Ignus, this magical massive online sandbox RPG teaches aspiring wizards the art of spellcasting, spellcrafting, broomstick flying and extensive building as you make allies to form a House and then an empire.”

Devs are boasting “three major content updates and more than 90 patches” that have fleshed out the game along the way – not too shabby.

Source: Press release, Steam
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Seems like a typical sandbox survival game, Steam reviews not so bad but has failed to gain much traction to date.

Perhaps a formal release will help, couldn’t quite figure out what the game’s PVP model is about as most of the comments just mentioned it being largely non existent atm due to low player population.


Like most survival builders onion buildings are most common where you are simply trying to make it to expensive and time consuming for people to bother with although you can build turrets as well. Although I have never bothered with a PVP server.

A big issue that they had during development is that you’d build up a nice community on a server and then the server would be unplayable for weeks and when you could finally get back on your buildings had all decayed and the community had left and never returned.

PVE servers where very hit or miss. You had some good ones and others that where full of douchebag builds which of course is an issue with almost every survival builder.

The main point is that you can make some really cool builds and fly around on dragons so that’s nice anyway.


That’s some good news for us console gamers. More MMO games the better.


mmos are garbage on consoles…you were just raised poorly