The Daily Grind: What’s the best player-run event you’ve ever witnessed in an MMO?


It’d be tempting to think that back in the long, long ago when MMOs were still young, MMO players weren’t quite as jaded about player-created content in their games. It was common to see roleplay tavern night and overwatch events in early MMOs. A few guildies and I even once put a scavenger hunt quest together, appointing ourselves in specific places under the Kelethin death traps and picking a newbie out of the spawn pile to offer our custom quest. It was wholesome.

And yet, in July, more than two decades into the genre, we saw Lord of the Rings Online players come together for Weatherstock, which when you boil it down to its bare fundamentals is really just a bunch of people clicking a button to make their instruments play music. Also incredibly wholesome. Maybe some MMO gamers are jaded, but I say we should keep resisting that temptation! I love this stuff. I wish we saw more of it float to the top of the community.

Today’s Daily Grind runs along the player-created event theme: What’s the best player-run event you’ve ever witnessed in an MMO, and second, what’s the most wholesome event you’ve come across?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

I can’t say the “best” but I’ve seen plenty of player-run events in FFXIV, from concerts to Lala marches and fashion shows or player auctions where you could “buy” a player for… RP purposes ;-) Sadly this does not happen often anymore on my server but from what I have seen both Balmung and Mateus are still pretty active for all kind of player events ;-)
All of the events were pretty wholesome because the community in general is still very friendly aside from very few creepy people or people who like to tell you what to do in dungeons even when you do not need their advice, but those people are a vast minority.

Rich Banks

In Champions Online, I am part of the SG, Paragon Dawn. For the past 5 years, we run an event simultaneously on the weekend with SDCC called DawnCon! It is , as far as we know, the only player-run event of this magnitude. We run Costume contests, games of all kinds for FIVE days all rund by our SG (and this year with help from our friends from defends of The Galaxy, thanks guys!.) This event has grown from a 1-day 3-hour event into the 5-day comic-con style event it is, or rathwas, this year! We had special guests call in to Dawn Radio- a player-run radio station run by Paragon dawn as well!
Next year we are calling it DAwncon VI- Crossing The Streams as we hope to have the event in CO and in COH:Everlasting (Hopefuly, they will still be up and running next year!).
You have to be there to witness the awesome fun that is DawnCon!

Thomas Hicks

In Champions online we have a lot of Costume Contests and such, but Dawn Con— run by the Super Group Paragon Dawn which was 5 days long and had many costume contests, interviews on air (on Dawn Radio: ) is an amazing feat. They had special guests, a special episode of this radio play called “Stan and Lou” and lots of participation by people of the whole Champions Online Community.

Tor Langeland

On Champions Online, Paragon Dawn runs DawnCon a comic-con style event. They have their own radio station for music, have guests such as singer Eben Brooks and actor Marc Biagi, games, costume contests and lots of fun. They schedule it with the SDCC for the last five years and next year they are talking not only Champions but also City of Heroes.

2Ton Gamer

Seeing LOTRO events mentioned a couple of times here makes me happy but also sad because if the new Amazon LOTR MMO is missing that element then it will not be as good.

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Weatherstock in LOTRO is indeed both impressive and wholesome! As are most of the other smaller music events that happen more regularly. Lots of fun to be had with all of those!!

I have just one “complaint” to this article.. I respectfully think the bands deserve a lot more credit than “just clicking a button to make their instruments play music”. Many bands, and I would guess most or all of those playing at Weatherstock, put in a huge effort to make their own arrangements that sound great; no matter how incredible the music system is in that game there are still limitations one has to work around ;)
Oh, and many of them also have custom, often game-related, lyrics. That also has to take some time and effort to make!
And let’s not forget the efforts that organizers (The Lonely Mountains Band, in the case of Weatherstock) puts into coordinating it all. As one of the audience I greatly appreciate their efforts!

I’ll share a fun little story from this year’s Weatherstock. One player suddenly came storming into the concert area on horseback, stopped and exclaimed something along the lines of “What’s happening here? Why are there so many people here?” He/she was promptly welcomed to Weatherstock by a couple of the organizers, as well as a couple of the audience.
I suspect said player was just doing a quest that leads you there, and I can only imagine his/her surprise at finding some 300 people crowded together up on Weathertop :D


Chicken racing in LotRO!

I believe it was organised by a guild called Element Zero, but basically about 50 of us took part in the race itself, entering session play as chickens. Start line was in the Shire where u first spawn as a chicken, finish line was the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

Now, bearing in mind that chickens are level 1, have virtually no health, no stats etc, it meant that enemies get pulled from miles away, everything one shots you and it was a tough race! Do you take a shortcut and risk getting hit, or stick to the roads and hope for a safe passage? Then, the final part of the race across the high moor is where loads of stealthed lynxes live….very nerve wracking!

Out of the 50 or so racers, only about 10 of us made it to the finish! I came 4th, but the top 3 were miles ahead having taken risky shortcuts and survived. There were plenty of spectators, prizes for the top 3 and just a lot of fun in general. The event was repeated a few times with different finish lines, iirc a GM even turned out for one of the races and handed out tons of free stuff.

Good times :-)

Hikari Kenzaki

The Sub-Rosa and FixFixer RP events are two of the most memorable moments in The Secret World roleplaying. These were RP events with dozens of players all running simultaneously over the course of several weeks. How the GM kept it all straight and coherent (all while people flamed and harassed them OOC) is something I wouldn’t dream to try and accomplish.

There were a few character-defining moments that occurred here as well. The House of Light became an impromptu staging area and Hikari really got to shine in a few spots (and got beaten into the ground with her armor melted into her skin for a week, as well).

Close runners up would have to be the multi-year, multi-game Cabal Pride which I’ve taken part in more years than not. And of course, all the wonderful radio stations like GridstreamProductions, Happy Tentacle Radio and Radio Free Gaia that kept us entertained over the years.


An event that happens frequently in GW2, HoT/PoF Mastery Points. What could take a player days, possibly weeks to unlock a new class spec. With a squad of a dozen or so and a knowledgeable leader, is completed in 90 minutes.

It’s an awesome service to what otherwise could be a difficult grind, which requires gated skills (gliding, portals, mounts) and some tough encounters to solo. The Commanders who volunteer to help attain these class specs and skills for those who have no friends to help, are heroes.


Probably any music concerts in LotRO