Ultima Online readies a pumpkin ship for Forsaken Foes

Ultimate Alt-Line.

With the Forgotten Treasures update out this summer, the Ultima Online team has moved on to preparing for the next big thing, which will be this fall’s Forsaken Foes content patch. According to this past week’s producer’s letter from Bonnie Armstrong, this update should be hitting the test server sooner rather than later.

So what should players expect with Forsaken Foes? The team promises “new equipment, some quality of life updates, and a continuation of our ongoing story arc” as well as a “pumpkin pirate ship” that can be sailed on the high seas.

The letter also mentioned how there is an improved meet-and-greet mechanic for developer gatherings and how the team is cracking down on toxic behavior in the forums and sketchy behavior in the game. During May alone, the team handed out punishments for 59 players who engaged in macroing, four for disruptive behavior, and others who violated the naming guidelines, impersonated the staff, abused the game mechanics, and outright harassed others.


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