Final Fantasy XI plans for Red Mage and Puppetmaster adjustments in its August version update

Contains some monsters.

The many job adjustments of Final Fantasy XI are wrapping up when the game’s August version update rolls around with a last handful of adjustments to Puppetmaster and Red Mage. The latter is getting some of its previous Merit Point abilities converted into spell scrolls, while the former is getting parameters changed and ability effects shifted. This is planned as the final bit of job adjustments for now, just out of concern for overall balance.

Of course, the update doesn’t stop with job adjustments, as it also rolls out a new high-end battlefield against the iconic Alexander and a new set of Ambuscade fights against watermelon-inspired mandragoras. (It’s kind of a summer thing in Japan; there’s a certain amount of cultural crossover.) There are also the usual new items and bug fixes, so look forward to when the patch arrives for the game in early August. Hey, at least Red Mages will have more merits available.