DC Universe Online launches on the Switch tomorrow – here’s the official ‘Getting Started’ guide

Well, you are a bit weak for MMOs on the Switch.

For Nintendo Switch players, tomorrow will mark the start of DC Universe Online’s availability for the console. For everyone else, it will be Tuesday. It will also be Tuesday if you own a Switch, so maybe that allusion doesn’t work quite as well, but you can still get yourself up to speed on how to play the game with the newest post on the official site explaining how to get started for those eager to play but unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics.

Players will, of course, start by picking a faction, a powerset, and a weapon. It’ll be familiar to anyone who has started the game fresh before, of course, but for those who have never picked it up before it’s useful to know that, say, Fire or Ice are the powers to pick for new players who want to soak up blows as tanks. Check out the full rundown if you’re curious about starting tomorrow, or if you’re a long-time player and expect to see lots of new Switch players asking certain questions tomorrow.


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For someone who hasn’t played DCUO before on any platform, what are the most interesting character and build choices for a brand new player?

Like, which is likely to be the easiest to master for someone learning and progressing through the game from zero; or which is a setup that lets you play something unique and fun that isn’t available in other contemporary MMOs?

The aspect in particular that stands out as interesting to me is the Controller archetype, since it’s been forever ago that I played any MMO with a viable dedicated crowd control role. But I don’t have a real good feel for how controller actually plays and if it’s a good or bad choice for new players.

Also, are there any combos or paths that should be avoided right out of the gate because they’re just bad or likely to be frustrating to play for a brand new player, like archetypes that depend on a coordinated group to work or any that just aren’t well received or capable at higher levels?

Bruno Brito

Fire and Ice, i would say. I don’t know how the metagame for DCUO is right now, but Fire and Ice were always easy. Ice is really tanky, Fire has a lot of selfhealing. Both look cool.

Weaponwise, i’m always leaning towards rifles and pistols, but handblast and onehanded are fun too.

Nothing is really complicated to play on DCUO, it goes as you learn. I would advise against twohanders tho, because they have a LOT of build up slow attacks, that can get you interrupted.

Sean McCoy

There’s been quite a lot of hype surrounding this in the Switch communities out there. While the general MMO community is sort of “meh” on the game, it’s very clear that Switch users are wanting these types of experiences on their console. There’s Discords already up and going, and people are generally very positive about this whole thing. I’ve never once been excited about DCUO, but here I am waiting to download it tomorrow as well.

My hope is that it does well enough to entice other companies to bring their MMO’s to Switch. Something like AdventureQuest 3D seems like it was made for the Switch, for example.