Black Desert announces life skill mastery system coming September 4


Apparently Black Desert wasn’t content with a PC patch and PS4 launch this week: It’s just announced new features coming to the game, and this update’s going to make lifeskillers particularly happy. “Today Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced that Black Desert Online will be updated with a new Life Skill Mastery system,” the studios write. “This long-awaited feature will be rolled out over the course of several weeks starting the 4th of September.”

Life skills, MMO players will recall, aren’t just gathering and crafting skills; they also include things like trading and sailing. Basically, it’s almost everything in the game outside of being a pure murderhobo.

“Life Skill Mastery will extend the depth of the exciting Life Skill-related content by adding a new value to current Life contents. Life Skill Mastery will depend on a character’s Life Skill Level. Hence, the higher the Life Skill Level, the larger the Life Skill Mastery will be. Adventurers can further enhance their character’s Life Skill Mastery by using Life Skill accessories and Gears that will be newly added along with the update. Three different grades of Life Skill items will be added successively, allowing adventurers to enjoy a variety of benefits that they could not experience before. Based on the Life Skill Mastery achieved, productivity can be increased through mass processing, and adventurers will be able to obtain higher and more valuable rewards through activities such as Gathering and Fishing.”

Source: Press release, official site
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But isn’t exactly that the sad thing about the game quote: “it’s almost everything in the game outside of being a pure murderhobo”. I wish I had more reasons to play BDO.


any post with murderhobo in it gets my seal of approval


It’s about fucking time.

I’ve basically had this game on maintenance mode for the last 1.5 years cause all my game play was irrelevant until they released these changes.

Yoshi Senpai

Just in time for me to mess around with before archeage tries to dethrone BDO as my not-FFXIV-MMO.


I’m really sketch on that ArcheAge launch/system. The original game left such an awful impression I don’t know if I can get over it. I like what I’m hearing but I’ve been burned with devs talking about things like “convenience” in their cash shop too many times not to be wary.

Kickstarter Donor

Doesn’t really sound like it does anything…just higher yields and more stuff to buy from the cash shop.


This is incorrect on both accounts.

For one, there’s really nothing manos specific in the cash shop. I suppose you could argue that additional gear means additional need to purchase enhancing materials and thus the cash shop is required I reject this argument. I AFK fish constantly, run my own relics, and have no issues buying costumes for cron attempts on gear as is.

For two, each profession is different and improved. Fishing has rare treasure fish on harpooning and fishing worth multiple millions. Processing can see gains upwards of 10x+ faster speeds so you don’t have to AFK process all the time. Alchemy has whole new types of yields that feeds into a different system. Gathering is more yields of course, but that’s kinda what gathering is all about. Hunting has whole new sets of crafted/traded trophies.

The big thing is in the face of grinding yielding anywhere from 40-100m/hr high end this will make many life skill activities comparatively competitive again. You can already gather for 40-60m/hr easily, with these boosts it will be much better. It gives people who primarily play this game for lifeskills their own version of boss gear and their own system to strive in where as before it was like “whoopity doo I’m Guru whatever” with no difference.

It’s all around a great thing.