Citadel: Forged with Fire touts its building features as it nears its full launch


Part of the fun in a survival sandbox is working your way towards building your own domicile, whether it’s a dumpy little yurt or a grandiose castle. Citadel: Forged with Fire, the survival sandbox that’s not unlike others of its type except with a lot more magic, has plenty of ways to build a… well… a citadel, as we’re now being reminded.

In Citadel, you not only are able to build simple buildings but can also craft broomstick sports arenas. These buildings can feature more “useful” pieces of architecture like mana pools, respawn portals, defensive shields, and attack towers. But honestly, it’s all about those broomstick sports arenas.

The presser is part of Citadel’s push to get back into the spotlight as it moves closer to its launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 11th. As we noted in that piece, the game is suffering from something of a player population lapse, so sizzle reels like the one below to stir interest back up are likely going to come more frequently.

source: press release
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Jeremy Barnes

Unfortunately, there’s like 2 people on a server. Ghost towns aren’t much fun.

Daniel Miller

This launched around the time of worlds adrift, bdo and such. Its uniqueness in sone ways always kept my interest. But I never make it to lvl 20 plus.

So i try it a few hours then take a long breaks. But I stay up to date on content drops, it is unique and fun to some. It just has a hard time keeping new players logged in.


If there were people playing, I wouldnt have refunded my purchase. As it is otherwise a decent enough builder. Lot of lag to deal with at the time and a lot incomplete. Hopefully, it finds a bit of a boost from a console and PC launch.