Lord of the Rings Online starts Minas Morgul pre-orders, rolls out Stout-Axe Dwarves


What we know for certain: Lord of the Rings Online is pushing out Update 24.3 today, and that single decimal point usually indicates some measure of new content. According to the patch notes, players should expect to see stat-adjusted Isengard gear, new bumblebee and pig pets, and a fun option for fashion warriors.

“Three new inventory slots have been added to the character panel,” Standing Stone Games said. “These slots will accept new cosmetic weapon aura items which can also be equipped cosmetically through the outfit system.” Neat!

Along with the patch, SSG started selling pre-orders for Minas Morgul, the next expansion for the game. According to the fine print, Minas Morgul is expected to launch on October 29th, although SSG is giving itself leeway to delay it as long as “November 31st” (we assume they mean 30th). One of the pre-order bonuses is, you guessed it, an immediate unlock of the Stout-Axe Dwarf race. Curious about what this race has to offer? Blog Contains Moderate Peril has a preview of this Dwarf variant.

The expansion will raise the level cap to 130, add the Morgul Vale and Mordor Besieged regions, include over 250 more quests, toss in a set of Shelob-themed instances, and push deeper into the Black Book of Mordor epic story.

Minas Morgul will take you on an expedition deep into the Morgul Vale in search of answers to a mystery that spans three thousand years,” SSG said. “The words of the shade of Isildur will unearth secrets and visions of the Second Age that have remained untold until now, revealing playable landscape and new adventures from a crucial time in Middle-earth’s history.”

Source: Patch notes
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