LOTRO: Minas Morgul will take you back in time to the Second Age

Tim Burton would have a field day in this town


With the undead and possibly soulless cat out of the bag with Minas Morgul, Standing Stone Games is fielding a whole bunch of questions about Lord of the Rings Online’s upcoming expansion. There are many ways to handle this, but SSG’s favorite medium is via livestream, which is exactly what happened this Friday.

Community Manager Jerry Snook gathered together several questions from Hobbits and gamers alike about Minas Morgul and answered them in a video. What was of great interest was further details about the “Mordor Besieged” realm, which Snook said will take players on a time travel trip to the Second Age and the last time Mordor got trounced by the Free Peoples. Here’s a fun twist: You’ll be able to store all of the loot you get in the Second Age part and then dig it up to keep on your main character!

Players should expect a virtue cap increase to 65 and at least two new class trait points with the expansion. SSG confirmed a couple of things that won’t be happening this time around, such as a continuation of Mordor’s allegiance system, race changes, or the promised revamp to kinship advancement.

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