Blade & Soul Korea is getting Lyn Assassins and a third Assassin spec on October 7


What happens in Korea for Blade & Soul happens here in the West, so consider this a heads up before the official English language PR. The action MMORPG is letting the diminutive Lyn become tricksy and stealthy Assassins and giving all Assassins a third spec to unlock at the top end.

For those who like playing as the Lyn, you’ll soon be able to take up the Assassin class and all of its fun little tricks. For those who hate the Lyn with a passion of thousands of burning suns, the Assassin class is also getting a third spec that looks to replace elemental attacks with more shadow-based ones. Readers will recall that classes getting third specs started in the Western version of the game with the Empyrean Shadows update, which granted new specializations for the Kung Fu Master and Blade Master at level 55.

Hard details are not currently available right now (obviously), but a preview image was shared on Reddit giving us the Korean release date, and we’ve found some training footage of the new Assassin spec in the video below, though bear in mind that the footage may be from a beta and so is probably subject to change. Also, apologies in advance for the semi-creepy computer generated voiceover in said video.

sources: Reddit with thanks to Rafael for the tip, YouTube
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