Blade & Soul’s Empyrean Shadows patch is now live – here are the patch notes

Soul and also potentially blade.

Patch day! It’s one of the most wonderful days for any MMO, and Blade & Soul players can look forward to enjoying the update once the game is up from maintenance. While you’re waiting for that update to finish, though, the patch notes are available now for everyone to peruse the full list of changes. And a lengthy list it is at that, complete with a video preview just below. There are item changes, of course, and a new event, but the real centerpiece is the epic new story being kicked off with this particular update.

Or perhaps you feel that the real centerpiece is the new specializations available for Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters, now given even more specializations available to them. (That’s very special.) Heck, maybe you feel like the real centerpiece is the option to fish like your life depends upon it. We’re not going to judge or tell you what you should be excited about; you can decide for yourself with the patch notes.

It’s up!


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And just when I thought I was done with this game… it pulls me back in!