ArcheAge Unchained’s test server throws its doors open to you – yes, you

We do play games between controversies, you know

Money dollars.

Are you ready for next week’s launch of ArcheAge’s new buy-to-play server, or are you still on the fence about the whole deal? What may help you to make an informed decision is simply some time in the game — and this you can do, right now, for free.

ArcheAge announced that it has opened up the test server to anyone who would like to give the game a try. This stress test is running from now through October 13th, so you have a few days to look into it if this is your thing.

Name reservations for ArcheAge Unchained’s pre-orders are going live on Saturday, October 12th, while the server itself will launch on the 15th. On the subscription/free-to-play servers, ArcheAge just delivered compensation for the recent extended downtime.

Source: Twitter
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