Final Fantasy XIV previews its site for patch 5.1 and the All Saints’ Wake event

The new place.

It’s time for a whole lot of reveals for Final Fantasy XIV, starting with the special site for patch 5.1 having gone up. Yes, you know there’s always a special site. Players will find themselves facing new challenges following the conclusion of the Shadowbringers main scenario as Norvrandt moves into an unprecedented new era. There’s also some lore about the once-abandoned elven palace of the Grand Cosmos and previews of the upcoming Fellowship and New Game+ features arriving with the patch.

For those who can’t wait that long for something new, of course, there’s also the annual All Saints’ Wake event rolling in on October 17th. As usual, players will have to deal with mischief-making voidsent, with this year’s big prize being a seasonal Ahriman mount for those who prefer riding voidsent mounts with hats. The even runs until November 1st, so you’ll have some time to enjoy it.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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Mikey's Bored

looks like the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg

Dagget Burmese

Aside from the char in the main screen, there is not a word about the 24-man raid, perhaps it’s coming in a secondary patch a bit later?


Also possible they’re holding back information until the liveletter on the 18th.

Vincent Clark

It’s already confirmed to drop with 5.1, they update the site continuously up until the patch actually drops. The next live letter will have the trailer and the 24 man raid is on list of items that they will be going over (again).