Neverwinter discusses changes made to random queues and announces a new Tales of Old event


A pair of posts on the Neverwinter website have touched on a couple of points of interest to players that don’t necessarily have much to do with one another, so this lede is kind of hard to write. I’m not trying to be clever; I just wanted to be honest. Bree is probably scrunching her brow at this. I should move on.

A patch to the MMO applied on October 10th made mention of some queue changes, but a dev blog from lead designer Thomas Foss takes players on a much deeper dive into what that means. In short, queues are now broken up into Skirmish Queue, Dungeon Queue, Epic Dungeon Queue, and Trial Queue to better select the content player want to play, role requirements for the Skirmish Queue have been removed, and several skirmish and dungeon maps have been adjusted to bring their completion times closer together. There’s also improved AD rewards for those who complete Trials and Epic Dungeons.

In other Neverwinter news, Nipsy the traveling Tabaxi bard will be hosting a special wrap-up to the Tales of Old event with the Grand Retelling. A deeper look at what this event will provide is due to come soon, but players can expect balance and difficulty improvements, access to every dungeon in this season’s Tales of Old, new titles and achievements, and the chance to purchase every item in this season, all for a period of two weeks.

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