Star Wars: The Old Republic offers another preview of an Onslaught location, gets an official Star Wars Twitter nod


In an event that can only really be summarized as “senpai noticed me,” Star Wars: The Old Republic has had a brief hype trailer for its incoming Onslaught expansion posted by the official Star Wars Twitter account.

The video itself isn’t exactly revelatory, but it does a nice job of setting the stage for the expansion. It also certainly feels validating for SWTOR fans, judging by some of the responses to the tweet itself, which range from giddy excitement to hopes that the game will once more be made official canon. At least the more pleasant responses.

Meanwhile, the official game Twitter account has once more offered its own brief look at another location in Onslaught, showing off a shipyard in Corellia and hinting at “a brutal battle” that will be waged over the location. We’ve embedded both tweets below.

Source: Twitter (1, 2)

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Mikey's Bored

I’ll always have a special love for this game and IP/setting, glad to see the game get the support from Disney.


Great to see this! I’m a little surprised though that the trailer didn’t show anything about the new playable race, Nautolans. It’s what I’m most excited for in the expansion tbh!


Ah I see. I just started to dabble in this game and I was in one of the starter zones and someone said “in two days this zone will be flooded with amphibians”. I didn’t go and look up any details on the update, as I’m way back at the beginning of the game, but I understand what they meant now by that part at least :D

I saw they had a cat race, Cathar, and haven’t wanted to make anything else really. I think the game could have done a much better representation of them, but at least they are there. When I’m able to be a cat race, I normally don’t play anything but them on all characters :D Part of that is that I never know what will become my main character in the end and want them to be my main.

I guess in this game which is one of the many where you can change your race completely, it doesn’t matter quite as much, but I sort of role play in my own mind (though not in the game) and feel / pretend my characters are real. Race changing doesn’t really fit in in that sense.

Kickstarter Donor

Thanks, Chris,

Nice to see the Star Wars machine acknowledge the game it sometimes treats like its proverbial “red-headed stepchild”. The boost in visibility has to be welcomed by the SWTOR devs.

Before somebody starts in, I fully realize that Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t everybody’s favorite game (no game ever is), but for me, at least, it’s certainly far better already than it was during the dark days of the endless Zakuul divergence, which took a painfully long time to go not much of anywhere (in my opinion).

More content in the current “classic Star Wars” direction is something I look forward to playing.


The little I tried it I liked it and I think it gets more slack than it deserves. Can it be/Had been better? Yes, but this isnt a bad or mediocre game(for a themepark).

I will sure play it more but just got my hands full with other games at the moment. Its nice they lifted part of the restrictions for f2p too. I rarely suscribe in games but I will try to spend on things if I like a game